Student Wellbeing Advocates

This year we have created a new team of Wellbeing Advocates.  The advocates represent each of the learning teams in the school and help us to create a whole school inclusive environment where students can feel safe and connected, as well as feel confident, motivated and challenged to learn.

Our 2016 Student Wellbeing Advocates are:

  • Foundation: Jessica Stevens / Debbie Carr
  • Year 1/2: Victor Pody
  • Year 3/4: Roxy Clarke
  • Year 5/6: Molly-Rose Clifton-Williamson
  • Specialists: Angela Huber
  • Leadership: Hayriye Ali, Rebecca Bubeck, Helen Otway, Julie Leech

As a team we can work together to create the right conditions for learning in our school, and look deeply into the programs and initiatives that we have on offer to support a range of different needs, such as:

Miss Rodrigues taking circle time.

Miss Rodrigues taking circle time.

The team has now met twice this year and we will continue to meet every fortnight.

Day of ‘Rest’!

Even though everyday is a busy day for teachers, Term 2 is particularly busy with extra assessments, NAPLAN testing, Education Week, reports and numerous other requirements and deadlines.

As a teacher, I would often spend most of my weekends preparing for lessons, and at this time of the year, writing the mid year reports.

I take my hat off to all teachers, especially those at St Albans Heights PS, as they work through their ‘day of rest’.

teachers rest

Which step have you reached today?

mals_which_step_have_you_reached_todayEvery day is a new day and with more things to learn and more things to try.  As a principal I do not know everything and sometimes I wonder if I can actually do the work I need to do!  Sometimes I might start the day thinking I can’t but mostly I think I can 🙂

Students experience a range of these thoughts throughout the day.  As educators we encourage our students to do the best they can and to give things a go.  We teach them not to give up and to think about new ways of doing things if they get stuck.

The graphic above is a great reminder of the steps we can make to reach our goals.