Learning about Japan

This year our F-2 students begin learning an additional language at school.  After a long consultation process, our school community has agreed to introduce Japanese as our language of choice to study.

Our teacher is still in Japan now and will start in March working with our Year F-2 students,

Here is a short look at Japan and its four seasons.


Learning another Language

JapanOver the last two terms at St Albans Heights Primary School, we have been consulting with the community and the school staff about the language we will be offering next year.   As part of the government initiative, all schools will need to offer a language study to at least the Foundation level students by 2015.

With this in mind I collated:

  • Parent choices during the midyear parent teacher interviews
  • Staff choices
  • Local secondary school languages
  • Use of languages around the world

Language consultation

Our School Council met last week and have used all the information provided to decide on JAPANESE as the language of study at SAHPS.  All other languages were considered and valued but we could only choose one.

We will be now looking for an exceptional Japanese Teacher to help us support this program and we look forward to an exciting journey into new learning and intercultural understanding.